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DRZ Trunk!?

Finally got the DRZ back up and running after a sitting around for a couple years.  A quick disassembly of the carb, thorough jet cleaning, new spark plug and new Shorai Battery and she’s purring again.

I started watching Long Way Down again and getting inspired for some longer bike rides.  Of course, fellow DRZ owners who like to really travel all know of the non-existent storage available for this bike.  I decided to try out some new options, mainly a new billet rack along with a pelican case (1400).  While not huge, this should get me able to carry some basic necessities on the bike instead of in my backpack.  May not seem like a big change, but getting 15-20lbs off your back makes a massive difference on the longer rides 🙂

Rack: Pro Moto Billet DRZ400S/SM Cargo Rack (PMB-01-4201)
Case: Pelican 1400