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Wallet Mon for iOS now Available

Wallet Mon for iOS users was just approved by Apple and is available for download!  Download on your favorite iDevice and copy in your addresses or Coinbase key/secret today!

iOS users get the ability to have up to 3 of their addresses monitored for FREE!  Simply enable the option when creating / updating an address and I’ll notify you when the address receives a new credit.  This process runs every 15mins or so and will notify your iDevice even when Wallet Mon isn’t running – w00t!



Corona Sliding Panel Example

Most of the code written for Wallet Mon was wrapped up weeks ago, I just didn’t have a good direction for the UI.  When I came across Rob’s example of a sliding panel (via Corona Labs), I borrowed that and formed a super simple scrollView in the background for everything else.

As some in the blog post were asking what the code actually looks like, here’s a quick video sample: