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New Tools

Every new project needs new tools, am I right ūüôā ¬†Here’s a brief rundown of new Amazon orders I splurged on, most are directly related to working with the butterfly joints.


Bosch Router w/ Plunge Adapter

Bosch Router Quick adapter

This installs onto the bottom of the router plate and is required for using an inlay router kit, like the below Whiteside 9500 kit.

Whiteside Router Bits 9500 Solid Brass Inlay Kit


Bowtie Template

Some folks like to create their bow-ties free hand, then outline on the slab and go to work manually carving out the recess.  For other beginners, this template makes it super handy in-conjunction with the Whiteside kit above.  You can use this template for both the bow-tie and inlay section of the slab itself.

Japanese Flush Saw

Not necessary, but sure does save time knocking down the stock when inserting the butterfly, or even getting trimming the bowtie after you get the outline cut using the template.

Cherry Slab Table

A few months back I came across a local wood shop selling live edge wood slabs. I’ve always admired the raw, natural look and beauty of slabs so decided to go check them out in person one day at lunch.

That was about 3 months ago; guess what showed up today ūüôā

It measures roughly 11′ long, 3′ at the narrow¬†end to 4′ with a gradual taper. ¬†It is stickin’ huge! More than¬†a tad scary how much work is still needed – I wanted to put my own sweat and tears into this thing. ¬†Oh, did I mention this is my first slab table, ever!?!

The slab is a bit un-even with some large to small cracks throughout. ¬†The shop didn’t have a planer wide enough to stick this thing thru, so they used a floor sander (not kidding) to get it somewhat sanded and smoothed on one side that will be the top side. ¬†They also knocked down the bottom side a bit but left it pretty rough.

One thing’s for sure, I’m going to get a decent amount of practice making and fitting Butterfly joints and inlays. There are a number of cracks throughout the slab, one large enough to completely see through. ¬† ¬†After the Buttefly joints on the bottom¬†are done I’ll be adding a few on the top along with adding¬†epoxy on the larger cracks.

Picture time…


Delivered and in the garage, note the side that is facing up is actually the bottom. ¬†It’s still in very rough shape; un-even and very gouged. ¬†My first step was to put up some plastic in the garage (aka, my Dexter kill room) to keep the saw dust somewhat contained. ¬†I just wanted to smooth out the gouges on the bottom a bit.



The other side (which will be the top side) has an amazing looking¬†‘flame’ pattern. ¬†Can’t wait to flip it back over and take some pictures for everyone.


IMG_7521 IMG_7525

Eventually got plastic hung up completely around the table. ¬†Unfortunately the tape doesn’t hold well (plastic is fairly heavy) in this Vegas heat, so it eventually fell down – ha. ¬†Luckily I got the majority of the bottom smoothed out a bit – just wanted to knock down the roughness.


Up next,¬†learning Butterfly joints…