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Miner Stats is LIVE!

Miner Statsw00t!  My little side project app is now live in the AppStore!   I also have a new rev already awaiting Apple’s approval, so expecting it to be live later this week or early next.  The new revision has improved display options, boasting larger text for the Market Rates and wallet values.  In addition, the new rev has a LTC market heartbeat display and Push Notification support!

Push Notifications are an area I’ll continue backend development on.  Currently I’ve included 3 subscriptions: Network Difficulty changes, LTC Market News along with notifications when the LTC price increases/decreases more than 1.5% within 10 minutes.  Each subscription can be enabled/disabled at will.  Down the road I’m entertaining the notion of custom notifications based on price, trends or even volume.  Please be sure to leave a comment for feature requests and don’t forget to donate, addresses can be found on the Miner Stats page.

Screenshot 2013.12.30 14.19.58