DRZ Trunk!?

Finally got the DRZ back up and running after a sitting around for a couple years.  A quick disassembly of the carb, thorough jet cleaning, new spark plug and new Shorai Battery and she’s purring again.

I started watching Long Way Down again and getting inspired for some longer bike rides.  Of course, fellow DRZ owners who like to really travel all know of the non-existent storage available for this bike.  I decided to try out some new options, mainly a new billet rack along with a pelican case (1400).  While not huge, this should get me able to carry some basic necessities on the bike instead of in my backpack.  May not seem like a big change, but getting 15-20lbs off your back makes a massive difference on the longer rides 🙂

Rack: Pro Moto Billet DRZ400S/SM Cargo Rack (PMB-01-4201)
Case: Pelican 1400

Wallet Mon for iOS now Available

Wallet Mon for iOS users was just approved by Apple and is available for download!  Download on your favorite iDevice and copy in your addresses or Coinbase key/secret today!

iOS users get the ability to have up to 3 of their addresses monitored for FREE!  Simply enable the option when creating / updating an address and I’ll notify you when the address receives a new credit.  This process runs every 15mins or so and will notify your iDevice even when Wallet Mon isn’t running – w00t!