Miner Stats

For all those taking part in the latest Litecoin mining craze, I developed Miner Stats to help track mining workers, earnings and the latest market changes. I’ve also developed some backend push notifications, so if you like to arbitrage on BTC-e, this app is for you!




In order for Miner Stats to display details pertaining to your Pool account, you’ll need to copy the pool’s URL and your associated API Key.  I’m leaving the Pool URL as an open field as the various pool API formats are somewhat common – meaning you may have luck using this app against other pools not listed below.  Don’t worry, all API data is maintained on your device and NOT sent to us (we do not copy your Keys, either).

  • For wemineltc.com – Pool URL:  https://www.wemineltc.com/api?api_key=
  • give-me-coins.com – Pool URL: https://give-me-coins.com/pool/api-ltc?api_key=
  • HyperNova –  Pool URL: https://hypernova.pw/api/key/
  • *HashFaster –  Pool URL:
  • ltcRabbit – Pool URL: https://www.ltcrabbit.com/index.php?page=api&action=getuserstatus&api_key=
  • liteGuardian.com – Pool URL: https://www.liteguardian.com/api/
  • litecoinpool.org – Pool URL: https://www.litecoinpool.org/api?api_key=

*Hashfaster has recently changed their API output and breaks functionality for hashfaster users within Miner Stats.  No ETA as we haven’t heard back from the Admin’s from HF.

Supported Litecoin Pools

  1. wemineltc.com
  2. give-me-coins.com
  3. hypernova.pw
  4. hashfaster.com (na/ since they neutered their API – 01/12/14)
  5. ltcRabbit.com  (minimal support, some values will remain at 0)
  6. liteGuardian.com (minimal support, some values will remain 0)
  7. litecoinpool.org (everything but shares per round seems to be available)


  1. This app does NOT work in the background, so stats will only update while it’s open.  This is ideal from an efficiency/battery standpoint.
  2. Fetches pool Miner Stats from supported LTC Pools.  Displays the following details:
    1. Network Difficulty (if you subscribed to this Push Notification, we also send notice when this changes)
    2. Confirmed Rewards:  Displays the Confirmed Rewards in LTC along with the current market valuation in USD / EUR
    3. Round Shares: Displays the amount of Shares Submitted and Estimated Round Payout
    4. Workers: Displays the total hash rate of all workers plus each alive/dead worker.  There is an additional Display toggle to hide the dead workers*
  3. Online wallet balance checks: Simply enter an LTC and/or BTC address and we’ll check the balance on the associated network.  Offline feature is still available, just enter coin amounts in LTC and/or BTC fields. ( — released w/ rev 1.3 –)
  4. Offline wallet for LTC & BTC: Calculated based on current market rates.  Also shows separate Pool + Wallet value that combines your Wallet amounts and the valuation of your Confirmed Rewards
  5. Market Rates:
    1. LTC / USD / EUR **
    2. LTC / BTC
    3. BTC / USD / EUR **
  6. Push Notifications & Subscriptions
    1. You can subscribe or un-subscribe to individual notifications anytime.
    2. Network Difficulty:  We monitor the LTC network difficulty and will notify you when it increases or decreases!  The app does NOT need to be running to receive this (IOS magic) 🙂
    3. News: If we notice any major news in the LTC world, we’ll drop you a link.  Promise, no unnecessary spam!
    4. Market change of greater than or less than 1.5% over a moving period of 10 minutes.  This is usually pretty quiet unless its a busy day, in which case you might want to quickly setup some trades 🙂  Note, after a notification is sent out, we wait a minimum of 10 minutes to prevent spam.  If there is enough interest (and donations), I’ll considering custom % notifications in the future…

*Note, we limit the amount of workers to 100.  If you have more than that, drop us an email for an FYI!

**EUR comparisons are a flat USD / EUR conversion of 0.73.  If there is demand for market LTC / EUR, we can certainly add that functionality.  Again, send over an email 🙂


  • Enhanced visual queues for price fluctuations and daily trends
  • Supporting more Litecoin Pools (please email us your pool API samples so we can potentially include it!)
  • CustomPush notifications for LTC / BTC market valuations! Never miss a buying / selling opportunity again!
  • Graphs of the associated currency valuations, pool metrics and trends.

Feature Requests

For feature requests, annoy me on twitter @ gregr401 or please send an email to: [email protected]


  • 1.4 (Live: Jan 24, 2014
  • 1.3 (Deprecated: released Jan 16, 2014)
  • 1.25 (Deprecated: released Jan 7, 2014)
  • 1.2 (Deprecated: released Jan 2, 2014)
  • 1.1 (Deprecated: released Dec 2013)


My intent is to maintain an Ad free, usable free version of Miner Stats. If you find this app helpful, please consider a small donation to either of the below accounts:

LTC: LUvuLeFu1NdTi8E1vv8osWCAZj5uNMWrEc
BTC: 1BU7uYyavPXnojy23nLypY59Pmrr8eRZhZ
FTC: 6iouHrYaiTiKfYdgV1LKvQSpXx96f1M1Lc